Careers at ALRUD Law Firm. Students & Graduates
Students & Graduates
ALRUD provides young specialists with excellent opportunities to start and accelerate your career. You can be part of a team of professionals, even while you are still a student.

If you are erudite, love intellectual work, appreciate drive and strive to accomplish the maximum in the profession, we have the same road to follow. Young professionals have two opportunities to join us in ALRUD: to respond to a vacancy, or to become a participant in our superb internship program.

We offer you the most dynamic start to your career:

  • Internship programs in ALRUD and skill-development training
  • Constructive feedback and a friendly atmosphere
  • Interaction with mentors, who are experienced specialists in their field of law
  • Participation in real client projects
  • Opportunities to gain experience in complex projects and projects with an international component

Summer introductory internship - come and see what we can do together

  • For students in their second and third year of a bachelor's degree
  • Duration - 3 weeks, during the summer months within the same practice
  • Application submission and processing - from March 1 to April 30


Spring internship for further employment- how to start your legal career

  • For students in the fourth year of a bachelor's degree and master's degree
  • Duration - 2 months (March-April), in two different practices
  • Successful trainees have an opportunity to secure a job at ALRUD
  • Application submission and processing - from November 1 to December 22

How you secure an internship at ALRUD

  • 1

    Please complete our registration form by clicking “Apply” button

  • 2

    Come and see us for a one-on-one interview with an HR representative and a test

  • 3

    Prepare your answers to a case, or essay, on a given topic

  • 4

    Join us for a panel interview with practitioners

About our internships

  • Ekaterina

    When I chose corporate practice, I had only a theoretical idea of what it really does. After a month of internship, I realized that this is exactly the area where I would like to develop my career. The experience that I gained, working with colleagues on projects and just watching what and how they discuss issues, enabled me to assess the specifics of the area. To be honest, it made me think a lot. I now have a much better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. Also, I understand how much it takes to grow to the level of my colleagues’ expertise. I don't know how my career will shape up, but I would love to be able to continue working in this practice. I was very inspired by both people and projects...
  • Artem

    I would like to sincerely note that I was very lucky with my colleagues. Ksenia is a fantastic mentor. She is able to clearly define the objectives, delicately correct mistakes, plus kindly teaching me the nuts and bolts on certain topics that the lawyers of antitrust practice face every day. I am very glad that Ksenia became my mentor)...
  • Nadezhda

    The internship was very productive for me. The team was friendly and responsive. Everyone was ready to help each other and answer questions. I was afraid that it would be hard for me to work in such a prestigious organization, after working at a small law firm, but my fears were totally unfounded... ALRUD is an ideal working environment.
  • Viktor

    I was delighted with the internship program, in this practice. I most liked the team: all colleagues were very open and responsive. Everyone willingly offered me help, or advice, on any issue that arose in my work.

Maxim Alekseyev

Senior Partner

ALRUD comprises the experience, global outlook, ideology and skills of all our employees. For us, everybody is equally valuable - interns, lawyers, and back office professionals, because only together can we continue to build a strong brand, which leads the market.

Over 100 professionals with diverse expertise
20 legal practices and major industries
1000+ wide-ranging cases per year
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