Digital Labelling “Chestny Znak” in Russia: Practice Aspects and Liabilities

Digital Labelling “Chestny Znak” in Russia: Practice Aspects and Liabilities

21 April 2020
From 16:00 to 17:30
About event

The Russian Government continues to implement new Russian digital labelling system “Chestny Znak” and to expand the scope of goods subject to new labelling rules. Currently, the products to be labelled include apparel, footwear, tobacco products, pharmaceuticals, photo cameras, tyres, perfumes, dairy, drinking water, wheelchairs and bicycles.

The selected goods shall be labeled with printed codes or attached tags that should be scanned at each stage of turnover of every product unit, from manufacture in Russia or import into the country to the final sale to an end-consumer.

During the webinar ALRUD experts will speak about the “Chestny Znak” labelling requirements, practical aspects of implementation of new system and future liabilities legal framework. In particular, the webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of “Chestny Znak” labelling system: operating principles, scope of goods, future developments.

  • Legal effect of implementing new labelling rules: contractual arrangements with counterparties, customs clearance and implications for marketing and retail: practical experience.

  • Liability for labelling violations: civil, administrative, and criminal types of liability for non-compliance with new requirements.

The webinar will be useful for the lawyers, logistics specialists and other professionals who are interested to know more about the introduction of new digital labelling system “Chestny Znak” in Russia, how to prepare for new rules, to avoid a ban on import or sales of concerned goods in Russia and to ensure the enforceability of new rules by Russian counterparties.

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