Anti-Crisis HR Management

Anti-Crisis HR Management

19 May 2022
From 17:00 to 18:00
About event

The expansion of sanctions has forced many companies to address a range of challenges that significantly affect their business activities in Russia. Economic, financial, logistical, legal and compliance issues directly impact human resource management. The companies need to find anti-crisis human resources solutions that will allow them to safely and efficiently manage people and remain compliant with the rapidly changing legal landscape.

As tensions grow on the labor market, the involvement of government authorities in human resource management issues has also intensified. Today, not only supervisory, but also other executive authorities actively interact with private companies and their officials, conduct unscheduled inspections and request explanations about their current activities.

Despite the rather widespread termination of employees, some industries are suffering from a lack of qualified personnel. The IT industry is among them.

Our goal for this webinar is to share with you the latest practices, offer an insider’s perspective and provide practical solutions for business in matters concerning HR. We will specifically address the following topics:

  • ‘Interim employment’ as a measure to support employees
  • When and why senior executives bear liability
  • The new practical meaning of remote work
  • What to expect from government institutions and how to respond
  • ‘Freezing’ of human resources and whether or not this is stopping business
  • Special benefits for IT companies and their qualified specialists

Our webinar will be useful for HR directors, business leaders and the heads of legal and compliance departments.

We will be thrilled if you join us!

Speakers: Irina Anyukhina Partner, Head of Labour and Employment practice, Anastasia Petrova Of Counsel, Margarita Egiazarova Senior Associate, PhD in Law.

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