Circumvention of Counter-Sanctions Measures: Latest Law Enforcement Practice and Potential Risks

Circumvention of Counter-Sanctions Measures: Latest Law Enforcement Practice and Potential Risks

23 July 2024
From 14:00 to 15:15
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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

ALRUD Law Firm is honoured to invite you to our webinar:

"Circumvention of Counter-Sanctions Measures: Latest Law Enforcement Practice and Potential Risks"

In recent law enforcement practice, there has been a growing number of claims filed by prosecutors’ offices to confiscate assets held by investors in Russia. Over the past several years, the most common legal grounds for such measures have been violations of Russian FDI rules, anti-corruption laws, and privatisation procedures. These days, such actions might also result from violations of Russian counter-sanctions rules. Following judicial proceedings, shareholders may be deprived of their assets, which are taken over by the Russian Federation. Both foreign and Russian shareholders may be the target of such measures.

The Russian counter-sanctions regime envisages additional mechanisms to penalize violators, such as interim (external) administration over the Russian assets of foreign shareholders, as the regulatory landscape becomes more complex in general.

At the webinar, experts from ALRUD Law Firm will summarise the grounds used in recent enforcement practice to deprive shareholders of their Russian assets, outline the rules, procedures, and practices of interim administration, and highlight other risks that threaten shareholders present in Russia.


At the event, ALRUD specialists will discuss these and other topical issues covering:

  • ****Summary of enforcement practice.**** Grounds used by prosecutors’ offices to confiscate assets, including those of foreign companies.

  • ****Interim/external administration.**** Grounds, procedural issues, and practice.

  • ****Other risks in the event of violations.**** Deprivation of rights, financial penalties, grounds, and the latest trends.

The webinar will be useful to a wide range of specialists from law firms, as well as the offices of foreign companies doing business in Russia and the foreign shareholders of Russian companies.

Participation in the event is free.

Registration is mandatory and only considered valid after you receive a confirmation from us. Please register from your corporate email address.

For additional questions about the participation in the webinar, please contact Marketing Manager Inna Davydova: T: + 7 495 234 96 92 / +7 495 926 16 48 E: ********

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