Labour and Employment practice prepared an article for Ius Laboris

Labour and Employment practice prepared an article for Ius Laboris

21 June 2016

Experts of ALRUD Labour and Employment practice prepared the article on the regulation of working process during significant sport and cultural events at the example of the Euro 2016.

The authors of the article note that despite its social significance and international scale, Euro 2016 is not a legitimate ground for employees to request a leave without the agreement of the employer. Specific working regime of the employees is subject to an agreement with the employer. Under Russian law watching games, listening to the broadcasts and similar activities during working hours are not permissible. Appearance of an employee at work in the state of alcoholic, narcotic or another form of intoxication is also restricted.

In the conclusion ALRUD experts recommend to the companies to set out its own rules to regulate the relationship between employers and employees during outstanding sport or cultural events, which will surely help to prevent possible conflict situations at the workplace.

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