Maxim Alekseyev gave an interview to Korean Legal Times journal

Maxim Alekseyev gave an interview to Korean Legal Times journal

27 August 2018

Maxim Alekseyev, Senior Partner and co-founder of ALRUD Law Firm, who supervises the Asia-Pacific line of business, was interviewed for the Korean Legal Times journal. The article addresses opportunities to develop economic cooperation between Russia, South Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

Maxim Alekseyev told readers about trends in the legal practice in Russia, namely, the increasing number of agreements for which the Russian law is designated as the applicable law. Maxim also shared his thoughts with readers about Western sanctions against Russia and noted that these give good opportunities to Korean companies to enter the Russian market.

Maxim Alekseyev discussed the close interaction of ALRUD with Korean clients, described joint projects, including the Khasan - Rajin project that includes the railway line modernization between the Khasan station (RF) and Rajin (DPRK), and the construction and operation of a cargo terminal in the port of Rajin.

In conclusion, Maxim stated that, against a backdrop of the interest of the Russian government in attracting foreign investments in the sphere of logistics and transport, the role importance of cooperation between Russia, South Korea and North Korea is growing. Furthermore, Maxim shared, with readers, a recommendation of a thorough check of lawyers, prior to making a decision on joint projects with the participation of Russian partners.
If you would like to read the interview in Korean, please, click on the link below.

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