Vassily Rudomino shared his experience in extending partnership at the Conference “Legal Business in Russia”

Vassily Rudomino shared his experience in extending partnership at the Conference “Legal Business in Russia”

16 April 2008

On April 15 and 16, 2008, Vedomosti hold the IV annual legal conference “Legal Business in Russia”. In three years this event has become a well-known place for intercourse between representatives of professional community. This year the program of the event was appreciably extended – for the first time the conference lasted two days.

During two days the event was attended by the flower of legal business in Russia – managing partners of the largest Russian legal companies, representatives of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation, State Duma, Heads of legal departments of such companies as MTS, Gasprom, etc.

Vassily Rudomino, senior partner of ALRUD, spoke at the first day of the conference as a leader of panel discussion “Institution of partnership, planning and development of human resources in a law firm, motivation systems for partners and staff”. In his speech he told about the development of internal arrangement of legal profession in Russia and the factors constraining its further development. Vassily Rudomino reported in sufficient details a range of problems connected with the institution of partnership in Russian legal firms: which forms of incorporation are practiced now by Russian firms, what the role of partners in a legal firm is, what clients expect from partners, which problems exist. Besides, he compared the Russian system of partnership with the western one, told about ALRUD experience which accepted the institution of partnership as a consequence of long-term search for effective development of the firm.

“In order that the sense of risk and responsibility may exist and balance all the other necessary functions – professionalism, entrepreneurial excitement, managerial gift, ability to transfer experience – we arrived at the unique conclusion that we are seeking for a person who is ready to bear business risks jointly with us. Only in this instance our model will be successfully developed. Having set a range of necessary functions and competencies we began to look for such persons fist and foremost among our employees. We found such persons” – told Vassily Rudomino.

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