ALRUD conducted a seminar on “Personal Data Local Processing Act. Practical aspects”

ALRUD conducted a seminar on “Personal Data Local Processing Act. Practical aspects”

16 April 2015

On April, 15 ALRUD Law Firm held the seminar on “Personal Data Local Processing Act. Practical aspects”, related to the development of the Russian legislation in the field of personal data.

In recent years the Russian legislation in the sphere of personal data has been making great progress which is determined both by search for supplementary guarantees of personal data subjects’ rights and by enhancement of regulatory authorities’ role in that respect. A heated discussion was sparked by the “localization act” introducing a requirement for operators to store data of the Russians in Russia and granting broader powers to The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media to suppress breaches in the sphere of personal data. ALRUD was among the first legal companies to provide extensive coverage of this issue to the vast audience.

The Seminar touched upon the practical aspects of the new provisions of the legislation, in particular, the following questions: In which cases shall personal data processing be performed in the territory of Russia? / What kind of information shall be determined as personal data? / How is the personal data legislation enforced for foreign companies? / In which cases can Russian operators transfer data abroad? / Is it possible to store data outside Russia legally? / Is the law applicable to personal data collected before September 1, 2015, etc.

Among ALRUD speakers there were also independent experts and business representatives participating in the Seminar and they shared their plans and experience in adaptation of their IT-systems to new requirements.

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