Kira Egorova took part in «International Wealth Advisors: The Future Leaders Forum»

Kira Egorova took part in «International Wealth Advisors: The Future Leaders Forum»

08 June 2015

From 1st to 3rd of June the round table “International Wealth Advisors: The Future Leaders Forum” took place in Surrey, United Kingdom. The Forum was organized by Cambridge Forums. The best professionals from all over the globe attended this event to discuss a wide range of issues dealing with family business advising, taxation, intellectual property, and others.

  • During the Forum, six Sessions took place. The sessions’ topics devoted to the most actual issues of the wealth management sphere were as follows:

  • Disclosure Update & Public Ownership Registers.

  • The Challenges of Advising Family Businesses.

  • Estate Planning – A look at estate tax, gift tax and succession planning issues from an international perspective.

  • Planning for Owners of Intellectual Property - Artists, Movie Stars, Writers and Others With Valuable IP Rights That Survive Death.

  • Tax Residency – Who is a Tax Resident in Your Jurisdiction?

  • Jurisdictional Update/Trends.

Kira Egorova, ALRUD Of Counsel, took an active part in all the discussions.

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