ALRUD Partners participated in IBA Annual Conference in Sydney

ALRUD Partners participated in IBA Annual Conference in Sydney

13 October 2017

On October 8-13th, IBA Annual Conference was held in Sydney, Australia. The Conference is one of the core events for the international legal community.

Maxim Alekseyev, ALRUD Senior Partner, presented during the session “Adapting structures to mobile clients: changing views and alternatives”. This panel focused on whether common holding structures, such as trusts and foundations, are still viable and, if not, whether it is still possible to provide effective structures for cross-border clients.

On October 12th, Andrey Zharskiy, ALRUD Partner, spoke on the session “The future of liquefied natural gas and the Paris Agreement”. Andrey narrated about key legal issues related to development of LNG projects and export of LNG from Russia, prospects of LNG market in Russia and possible effect of the Paris Agreement on climate on LNG market.

Irina Anyukhina, ALRUD Partner, took part as s speaker in the session “IP and employees: how to enhance creativity and ensure protection” on October 12th. During the session participants discussed the interplay between IP and Labour Law, namely how to ensure the sufficient level and relevant scope of protection of trade secrets and IP rights in businesses on the one hand, and on the other hand support and incentivise employees to stay creative and innovative.

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