ALRUD is recognized as M&A Law Firm of the Year 2008

ALRUD is recognized as M&A Law Firm of the Year 2008

10 January 2009

ALRUD Law Firm is honored with ACQ Law Award by results of the annual poll implemented by ACQ Finance Magazine. ALRUD is recognized as M&A Law Firm of the Year 2008 in Russia.

The poll determining the winners was totally independent. The non law readership of ACQ Finance Magazine was supplied with voting forms several months before sizing up. Voting poll included principally company management teams, equity houses and banks.

This year business community appreciated and awarded ALRUD for its excellence in the global M&A sector.

As the editorial board of ACQ Finance Magazine adds, all the nominees are leaders of their fields and only the exceptional performances of some of them deserves recognition.

The creed of ACQ Finance Magazine is “The deal, the whole deal and nothing but the deal”. The magazine offers surveys of the world’s largest M&A transactions, transactions on financing of the projects, publishes expert commentary, independent opinions of the professionals in diverse business spheres. The readership of the magazine is comprised of the decision-makers in the corporate finance community in Europe and the USA and the members of the leading business and professional associations.

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