Reporting to Russian Pension Fund: new rules, now digital

Reporting to Russian Pension Fund: new rules, now digital

03 February 2020

As of 2020, legislation establishes certain procedure to set out a digital register of employees' work experience. Along with starting digital recording of employees' work experience, the law also prescribes a notification obligation to companies (employers):

  • The information about employees’ work experience should be included in a specific unified form SZV-TD. This form may be completed by hand (in case there are less than 25 employees) or through HR application 1C or similar.

  • During the transition period (i.e. in 2020), the company shall file form SZV-TD regarding each employee (in the event of any HR related events – hiring, transfer, dismissal, etc.) no later than the 15th day of the following month.

  • The first report shall be provided to the Russian Pension Fund no later than February 17, 2020. The report shall be filed if one of the above specified events (i.e. an employee’s employment, transfer or dismissal)occurred in January 2020.

  • Starting from 2021, companies will be obliged to file the form containing information on an employee’s hiring and dismissal no later than on the next business day, following the day of the event.

  • As concerns employee’s transfer, in 2021 companies will be obliged to file such a form no later than the 15th day of the following month.

  • In case the company provides the information (e.g. on employee’s transfer to another job position) for the first time, the company shall also include all information regarding employee’s work experience with a company (i.e. all information related to this employer, which is specified in the hard copy of the employee’s labour book).

  • In any case, the company is obliged to complete the digital register of employees' work experience by February 15, 2021 for all employees.

Failure to comply with the above-specified obligations may lead to an administrative liability of the company.

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Practices: Labour and Employment

Note: Please be aware that all information provided in this letter was taken from open sources. Neither ALRUD Law Firm, nor the author of this letter bear any liability for consequences of any decisions made in reliance upon this information.

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