COVID-19: Suspension of terms and other temporary migration rules in Russia

COVID-19: Suspension of terms and other temporary migration rules in Russia

21 April 2020

On April 18th 2020, the Russian President signed a Decree establishing a temporary procedure for hiring foreign nationals in Russia and suspension of migration terms.

Temporary rules apply from March 15th until June 15th, 2020.

The following rules apply during the named period:

  • the validity period of migration documents for all foreign nationals, legally residing in Russia, is automatically extended (if such a period expires in the specified period);

  • the period of temporary stay, temporary or permanent residence, migration registration, or registration at the place of residence, as well as voluntary departure in case of a decision on administrative expulsion, on deportation or transfer to a foreign state due to readmission, is temporary suspended for all foreign nationals of visa and visa-free countries;

  • employers who observe the necessary sanitary and epidemiological measures will be able to hire both foreign nationals who arrived in Russia on a visa, but not having work permits, and foreign nationals who arrived in Russia from visa-free countries, and not having migration patents. Employers hiring foreigners from visa countries shall have permission to attract and employ foreign nationals;

  • the maximum term of staying outside Russia is extended for foreign nationals having residence permits, temporary residence permits or certificates of a participant in the State program.

Migration documents stated herein include:

  • visas;

  • residence permits;

  • temporary residence permits;

  • migration cards;

  • work permits;

  • patents;

  • permissions to attract and employ foreign nationals, etc.

Moreover, until June 15th, 2020 the following migration decisions are suspended:

  • on the undesirability of stay;

  • on administrative expulsion;

  • on deportation;

  • on cancellation of visas, work permits, patents, temporary residence permits, residence permits, etc.

We draw your attention to the fact that, in the absence of special regulations, notifications on the conclusion/termination of an employment contract with a foreign national, as well as on compliance with the requirements for the payment of salary to highly-qualified specialists, shall be submitted within the deadlines established by law.

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Note: Please be aware that all information provided in this letter was taken from open sources. Neither ALRUD Law Firm, nor the author of this letter bear any liability for consequences of any decisions made in reliance upon this information.

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