ALRUD experts talk about the new digital-labeling system called “Chestny Znak”

ALRUD experts talk about the new digital-labeling system called “Chestny Znak”

21 April 2020

On April 21, ALRUD Law Firm held a webinar 'Digital labeling 'Chestny Znak' in Russia: Practice Aspects and Liabilities', dedicated to the Russian new system of digital labeling called 'Chestny Znak'.

The Russian Government continues to implement new Russian digital labelling system 'Chestny Znak' and to expand the scope of goods subject to new labelling rules. Currently, the products to be labelled include not only tobacco products, pharmaceuticals, but also perfumes, photo cameras, apparel, footwear and some others.

During the webinar, the speakers gave a brief overview of 'Chestny Znak' labelling system: the principles of the system, the stages of its implementation. Also the speakers paid attention to the legal effect of implementing new labelling rules, and also discussed the liability for labelling violations: civil, administrative, and criminal types of liability for non-compliance with new requirements.

The webinar was opened by Maria Ostashenko, ALRUD Partner and Head of Commercial, Intellectual property, Data Protection and Cybersecurity practices. The speakers were Dina Kravchenko, ALRUD Consultant, and Vladislav Dorozhkin, ALRUD Attorney.

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