Legal checklist: How to make your business sustainable in the face of new challenges

Legal checklist: How to make your business sustainable in the face of new challenges

08 July 2020

The current crisis has challenged the strength of all companies. It has forced businesses to quickly address new issues that often were outside their agenda earlier. During this period, most of businesses have managed to temporarily adapt, or radically change their processes and strategies; establish a flawless remote operation; transform the pattern of cooperation with counterparties and partners; reallocate resources and learn to communicate with their employees under crisis. Having come through this difficult phase, managers agree on one thing: unpredictable problems, crises, or epidemics may arise suddenly in any organization, irrespective of its size, scope of activity, or location, at any time. It makes you think of both the possible responses to serious crises, and plans for prompt reorganization to continue working in unexpected circumstances.

For these purposes, the experts of ALRUD Law Firm (Russia) have prepared a legal checklist of necessary actions to assist heads of legal departments, and business representatives, to take into account legal issues raised after cancellation of all restrictions and returning of businesses to stable operations, in order to ensure the resistance of business to possible new challenges.

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