The Private Clients Practice of ALRUD Law Firm held a joint webinar with Gordon S. Blair

The Private Clients Practice of ALRUD Law Firm held a joint webinar with Gordon S. Blair

20 April 2021

On April 15th 2021, ALRUD Law Firm conducted a webinar 'Russian Family in Monaco: To Save and Transfer”, jointly with Gordon S. Blair's law firm.

The webinar was of considerable value to private clients who are the nationals of the Russian Federation, and have interests in Monaco, the representatives of Family Offices, representatives of Russian and foreign banks, and financial managers.

Experts of ALRUD and Gordon S. Blair highlighted the specifics and practices of applying the family and inheritance law, in accordance with Russian and Monegasque law.

In particular, the topics discussed at the webinar included:

  • Applicable succession law in Russia and Monaco. Procedural aspects related to succession by inheritance

  • Determining the residency for inheritance purposes

  • Basic tools for private capital structuring: pros and cons in the application

  • Issues regarding inheritance tax

Based on the results, the complex and sensitive topic of asset transfer was considered in a consistent manner, from a legal perspective, with practical examples and recommendations.

Maxim Alekseyev, Senior Partner of ALRUD, Kira Egorova, ALRUD Of Counsel, Alexis Madier, Gordon S. Blair Partner, and Anna Kozlova, Senior Consultant of Gordon S. Blair, served as experts.

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