ALRUD Law Firm acted as a legal adviser to Ludwig Schokolade

ALRUD Law Firm acted as a legal adviser to Ludwig Schokolade

04 June 2021

ALRUD Law Firm provided comprehensive legal support to the manufacturer of the popular Schogetten chocolate brand: Ludwig Chocolade GmbH & Co. KG, on the issues of countering the import of counterfeit products, into the territory of the Russian Federation, and parallel imports.

ALRUD experts have developed a complex strategy to protect the company's interests, including risk assessment and registration of trademarks in The Customs Register of Intellectual Property Objects (rus. ТРОИС = TROIS).

Taking into account the popularity of the Client's products in the CIS, ALRUD Law Firm also coordinated local law firms on the registration of trademarks, in the customs registers in the CIS countries and Ukraine.

Subsequently, we also carried out control and verification of products, imported by importers who are not included in the official list in TROIS, and also interacted with customs authorities, to prevent the import of such products. In particular, in 2020, we identified and stopped a batch (more than 2 tons) of unofficial products, that were being imported into the territory of the Republic of Belarus. As a result of the trial, all the products were confiscated by the court.

In addition, the ALRUD team also closely interacts with importers, on the issue of permits for the import of products into the territory of the Russian Federation, and monitors the introduction of changes to current information in TROIS and local customs registers.

The ALRUD team, which worked on the project under the leadership of Partner Maria Ostashenko, included Boris Ostroukhov, Senior Associate, Ilya Khodakov, Associate and Anton Karpenko, Attorney.

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