Legal Regulatory Guide Russia: Q3, 2021

Legal Regulatory Guide Russia: Q3, 2021

21 February 2022

ALRUD Regulatory practice is proud to present you the Regulatory Guide for the Third Quarter of 2021.

The points of focus of this regulatory guide are product compliance, regulatory enforcement and environment protection. Most, if not all, of the topics commented in this guide have strategic importance for the Russian regulatory field.

They have either been long awaited:

  • the perspective of the new Seed Farming Law has been discussed for the last two years;

  • possibility for the issue of Carbon Units and CO2 emissions have been largely expected by most of the business community,

or have a long-lasting impact:

  • Chestny Znak traceability system has beenin development since 2018, and currently 16 categories of goods are subject to traceability requirements with many new acts and regulations being enacted every year; responsibility is long-standing;

  • the concept of extended product liability, recycling, and payment of Environmental Fees has been steadily evolving since 2015 from a low-paced regulation imposing no real obligation to completely indispensable piece of regulation causing a lot of questions for the business, or reshape the system of interaction between the business and the government, like the completely new risk-oriented system of administrative inspections which sets out a new full set of rules and requirements to the functioning of business, especially of entities engaged in production and sales of tangible products.

The review was published with the participation of ALRUD experts - Maxim Alekseev, Senior Partner and Head of ALRUD Regulatory practice, Timur Akhundov, Co-Head of Regulatory Practice, Of Counsel, Dina Kravchenko, Senior Associate, and Boris Pribylov, Associate.

Full text of this publication can be found here.

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