Daniil Petrukh was a guest expert at the AmCham Russia committee meeting

Daniil Petrukh was a guest expert at the AmCham Russia committee meeting

09 December 2022

On December 6, 2022, AmCham Russia's Legal Affairs Committee held to discuss the key legal risks for companies to consider when leaving Russia.

Daniil Petrukh, ALRUD Senior Associate, Advocate, acted as a guest expert. In his speech Daniil addressed bankruptcy related risks for the shareholders and local management due to withdrawal from the market.

The Legal Affairs Committee focuses on the analysis of legislative and legal issues influencing the investment climate in Russia. Leveraging the expertise of lawyers, economists, corporate business leaders, and investment strategists, the Committee provides a forum for inclusive and candid discussion of issues affecting the investment attractiveness of the Russian Federation and developing business operations in the country.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Russia (AmCham) is the leading international business organization in Russia. Founded in 1994, AmCham advocates for the trade and investment interests of its member companies. The reach and scope of AmCham’s advocacy continues to expand to reflect the increasing diversity of its membership. AmCham’s mission is to promote the development of a sustainable market environment conductive to business operations in Russia.

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