Alla Azmukhanova Spoke at the AEB Legal Committee Meeting

Alla Azmukhanova Spoke at the AEB Legal Committee Meeting

31 July 2023

On June 15, the AEB Legal Committee held a meeting regarding recent arbitration cases, new approaches of Roskomnadzor and practices after changes in the law on personal data and other issues, where Alla Azmukhanova, Senior Associate of Antitrust Practice, spoke.

Alla went over the 5th antimonopoly package of amendments to the Federal Law “On Protection of Competition”, which was drafted for the purposes of enhancing the antitrust regulation in the conditions of the digital economy development and active growth of digital platforms. In conclusion, the Senior Associate spoke about the prohibition of monopolistic activities in digital markets, regulation of the expert analysis procedure, and also touched upon new criteria for coordinating economic concentration transactions.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the pharmaceutical and automotive industry, the agro-industrial complex, as well as large retailers.

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