ALRUD experts prepared an article for the magazine AEB Quarterly

ALRUD experts prepared an article for the magazine AEB Quarterly

03 April 2024

ALRUD Regulatory practice experts Boris Pribylov, Senior Associate, and Maria Yakusheva, Associate, prepared an article for the magazine AEB Quarterly on the topic: “Key changes to extended producer responsibility (EPR) legislation and their impact on business”.

Within the article Boris and Maria reviewed the reform of the extended producer responsibility which changed the regulation of goods recycling and statements on recycling results. The experts clarified, inter alia, the following amendments to the law on the extended producer responsibility:

  • Responsibility for disposal of packaging of goods manufactures in the Russian Federation has been shifted from manufacturers of packaged goods to packaging manufacturers;

  • Requirements to packaging utilizers have been formalized;

  • Packaging recycling standards have been approved until 2027;

  • A new system of regulatory acts specifying the procedures for payment of environmental charges has been developed.

Within implementation of the closed-loop economy concept there is also an act against the use of certain types of polymer goods and packaging (including some PET bottles, coffee capsules made of multicomponent material) is being actively developed due to complexities in recycling of such goods and packaging.

Boris and Maria concluded that though these changes help to significantly reduce waste storage, they still have a negative effect on business relating to increase of costs and changes in production processes.

You can read the article here.

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