ALRUD Corporate and M&A Practice Team held a client event “ALRUD Summer M&A Talks ‘24”

ALRUD Corporate and M&A Practice Team held a client event “ALRUD Summer M&A Talks ‘24”

21 June 2024

****On 19 June 2024**** an event ****“ALRUD Summer M&A Talks ‘24”**** arranged by Corporate and M&A Practice took place at Ararat Park Hotel Moscow.

During the event ALRUD Partners Alexander Zharskiy, Anton Dzhuplin, Sergey Khanaev, and a guest speaker Investment banker ****Pavel Vlasov**** discussed the latest trends and tendencies in 2023-2024 with reference to the recent M&A transactions and shared the findings of their own research on the terms of M&A transactions successfully completed by ALRUD team over the last 3 years.

The speakers also focused on the major aspects and specifics of structuring transactions through closed-end investment funds and investment partnerships, the advantages and intricacies of such structures, and the best practices for the efficient use of these tools.

This topic was of great interest to the audience, guests actively asked questions and got involved into discussion.

After the content part, the Partner and Head of Practice Alexander Zharskiy summed up the discussion and invited the guests to enjoy the informal networking during the cocktail reception at the outdoor patio “Kremlin” giving a unique view of the Bolshoi Theater and the Red Square.

Many thanks to all the guests for participating in the summer event arranged by ALRUD Corporate and M&A Practice and for their positive feedback!

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