ALRUD is shortlisted for the “Best law firm in Russia in 2015” by the Lawyer European Awards

ALRUD is shortlisted for the “Best law firm in Russia in 2015” by the Lawyer European Awards

22 January 2015

ALRUD Law Firm was recognized as one of the best law firms in Russia by The Lawyer European Awards 2015.

The Lawyer European Awards is one of the most significant awards in the legal services area and held annually by The Lawyer journal, Great Britain. Every year the journal publishes a list of the best European law firms from Austria, Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the CIS and many others.

Within several years the Lawyer journal notes and recommends ALRUD Law Firm as one of the leading companies in the field of legal services in the region.

Judges were looking for firms that have won new clients or carried out an innovative transaction or case as well as those that have picked up instructions on their region’s biggest deals, have developed or progressed their strategic vision during the year, for example through strategic recruitment or acquisitions, the opening of new offices or the forging of new alliances. Evidence of programmes which recognise diversity, social mobility and employee retention is also encouraged.

Each year, British publication The Lawyer journal conducts research of legal services market in Europe. The judging panel comprises senior private practice and in-house lawyers with first-hand experience of working with independent firms in a variety of European jurisdictions.

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