Private Clients: Compliance Files

Private Clients: Compliance Files


Our Services

  • Support our clients during compliance reviews with:
    • {{-}} Russian and international financial institutions;
    • {{-}} Real estate agencies and sellers;
    • {{-}} Contracting parties of corporate deals and corporate service providers;
    • {{-}} Foreign Agents within Residence permit or foreign citizenship application.
  • Prepare for our clients multifunctional personal folder with the supporting documents and relative description for the purposes of confirmation of the source of wealth and source of funds, involved in the transactions. Continue to update such compliance files on annual basis.

  • Build an asset-map description and structural presentation of client’s home-interests geography.

  • Draw up personal financial reports and management statements.

  • Pre-compliance review assistance and recommendations on the package of supporting documents for KYC procedures depending on each particular situation of a client.

Key contact

Highlights of recent domestic and international work

  • Prepared multifunctional compliance files for several private clients, Russian high-net-worth businessmen. During the project we carried out a complex analytical work to investigate, describe and collect all together documents and information into one personal compliance file covering the origin of wealth, evidences of its transformation within more then 10 years, schematically reflecting each stage of asset restructuring and transaction movements. Geographical diversity of private and business interests of our clients include such jurisdictions as Israel, Switzerland, France, Malta, the United Kingdom, Latvia, and Russia. As a result, the clients received multifunctional personal folders, which are frequently used by the clients for various needs depending on each request of different institution and circumstances.

  • Developed compliance strategy for several clients with the banks (Malta, Luxembourg, Czech Republic), which blocked the accounts of the clients and imposed restrictions on transaction over the accounts. Detailed investigation having been conducted for several months within several projects and led to preparation of logical description with the covering documents meeting the requirements of the banks, finally resulted by acceptance of the compliance information provided and release of limitations against the clients.

  • Supported a Russian businessman during the deal with sale and purchase of foreign property with building up a package of documents required for the contracting party within the due-diligence process.

  • Provided full support to our clients during the application process for residence permit or second citizenship (Malta, Israel, Portugal, etc.), worked out the structured description of historical formation of assets, including the current ownership structure of assets. Agreed the requirements on necessary documents and forms, provided administrative support to the family at different stages of application process.

  • Continue to update clients’ personal folders on a regular basis.

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