Withdrawing from, acquiring and restructuring Russian assets

Withdrawing from, acquiring and restructuring Russian assets


Our team has significant hands-on experience advising Russian and foreign clients in all industries about the most sensitive issues caused by the recent changes in the Russian business landscape and sanctions.

We have gained unique expertise in assisting clients with urgently withdrawing from Russian assets, restructuring ownership in Russian assets or transferring them to management or third-party investors. This gives us a bird's-eye view of the whole situation and allows us to offer the most effective and suitable solution for each case.

As a full-service independent law firm with a strong Best Friends network, which includes top-tier law firms all over the world, we are uniquely positioned to assist our clients in handling the most complex multi-jurisdictional situations.

Our services

<> <>Commercial sale/purchase of Russian businesses amid sanctions<>

Our team advises various clients on the sale or purchase of Russian businesses in compliance with existing sanctions and counter-sanctions. Having strong international exposure and contacts at independent law firms across the world, our team is capable of advising clients and considering the purposes of transactions both in terms of international and Russian sanctions, while mitigating any associated risks.

With a strong project portfolio, our team is able to guide our clients in these complex market conditions and provide the leading market advice on various legal matters.


<> <>Management buy-out <>

Selling a business to local management (management buy-out) is one of the most common solutions that foreign businesses employ to reduce their presence in Russia.

Our capabilities include analysis of possible sale and purchase scenarios, including with a buy-back option and retaining a certain degree of control over the business, conducting due diligence, negotiating and preparing all the necessary legal documentation under Russian or foreign law, obtaining regulatory approval and structuring the financing of a buy-out.

We also provide consultations on the risk of management’s personal liability and ways to effectively mitigate such risks.


<> <>Separate and fiduciary management<>

Apart from negotiating and drafting legal documentation to establish separate or independent fiduciary management, we offer assistance as a legal counsel that deals with day-to-day inquiries by management to ensure compliance with the appropriate regime and minimize risk exposure.


<> <>Complete wind-up operations, withdrawal from the Russian market and keeping a company dormant<>

The Russian authorities’ heightened attention to any signs of foreign businesses planning to leave the market triggers significant challenges associated with such decisions, especially for local management.

We are best positioned to ensure a detailed study and careful implementation of a multi-stage strategy that entails the lowest possible risks in a variety of aspects, starting from settlements with commercial counterparties and the tax authorities to dealing with the employers and resolving such issues as data protection and regulatory compliance.

We also closely monitor legislative initiatives about the withdrawal of foreign businesses and assess their impact on any possible strategies and tactical solutions.


Includes advising and representing:


on the sale of VimpelCom to Russian top management for RUB 130bn.

Ball Corporation

on the sale of its Russian companies, which are the largest producers of aluminium cans for drinks, as well as on the approval of the transaction with FAS Russia and the Government Commission.

AmRest Group

the largest independent chain restaurant operator in CEE, on the sale of its business in Russia under KFC franchise with over 200 restaurants for EUR 100m.

Kerry Group

one of the leading producers of food additives and components on the sale of its Russian businesses to a local management, including advising on structuring matters of post-disposal supplies to Russian and Belorussian markets.

A major international bank

on the loan swap transaction entered into with one of the state banks in Russia for the amounts exceeding EUR 750m, including on related Russian counter-sanctions restrictions and permits from Russian authorities for the transaction.

Purchaser of Willis Tower Watson

one of the world's largest publicly traded insurance brokers, on the acquisition of Russian businesses.

Publicis Group

one of the largest communications group in the world, a leader in marketing, communication and digital business transformation, in the transaction on exit from Russia via MBO (management buy-out) as well as on foreign and Russian sanctions compliance when dealing with Russian entities / businesses.

Foreign shareholders of the Russian bank

in connection with sale of shares of the bank / disposal of Russian business.

Foreign investor of major Russian bank

with respect to sale of its stake to third party.

Global HR consulting firm

in connection with exit from CIS business. The deal included external financing from Russian credit institution and structuring independent CIS business operations from the global group.

Major Spanish jewelry retailer

in connection with restructuring of its Russian business and sale of the business to local management with an option to repurchase assets.

Global provider of mobile power and temperature control equipment

in relation to potential sale of the Russian business and assets.

Provider of management and strategy consulting services

in relation to restructuring its Russian business and transfer of assets to a company incorporated by local management.

Major international producer of lenses and frames

in connection with sale of its Russian distributor to local management with an option to repurchase the company.

Producer of steel abrasives

in connection with sale of its Russian production business.

Global group of companies

involved in operating the quick-service restaurants under franchise agreement in connection with Russian sanctions compliance, restructuring and sale of business.

Russian management

in course of the MBO from the global IT-consulting and system integration company.

One of the leading off-price apparel and home fashions retailers

in connection with Russian sanctions compliance and exit from the global JV having significant assets and business presence in Russia.

Global ceramic producer

in course of restructuring the business in Russia and Russian sanctions regime.

Transborder communications, advertising and commerce holding

in connection with transaction re. exit from Russian business, including, among others, consulting regarding foreign and Russian sanctions compliance when dealing with Russian entities / businesses, the deal included more than 25 targets.

European Company (one of the world's leaders in track and trace solutions)

in its exit from Russian market, including joint venture with one of the sanctioned entities.

German Insurance Group

on suspension of activities and transfer of its insurance portfolio with further step plan for liquidation or sale of the remaining Russian company.

US Insurance Company

on selling its Russian assets and business to a local partner with buy-back option.

Foreign shareholder of one of the three main Russian telecom operators

in applying for specific permissions for effecting certain transactions restricted by Russian counter sanctions.

Russian management of big store network

in management buy-out transaction in connection with exit of German shareholder from the Russian market.

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