Personal and Business Defamation Disputes

Personal and Business Defamation Disputes


Our long-standing experience, and unique knowledge, allow us to carry out both out-of-court projects on personal and business defamation defence and protect our clients’ interests in the respective disputes in Russian courts. We successfully provide comprehensive management of such projects and consult on specific issues.

Personal and business defamation disputes belong to the category of the most difficult disputes, from the the perspective of providing evidence. They require a detailed analysis of the content and nature of the spread defamatory information, from a linguistic point of view, the method of its spreading, determination of the circle of defendants, as well as a number of other aspects. Over the years, we have built valuable contacts with leading linguists, technical specialists and expert institutions and have the opportunity to secure high-quality advice to establish a strong case line.

All members of our team have versatile expertise, as well as a narrow focus on one, or another, type of disputes. The size of the team allows us to provide a wide scope of services, and also makes it possible to take into account individual requests of our clients and form a team of lawyers with the necessary knowledge and experience for each particular case.

Our clients include leading Russian and international corporations, entrepreneurs and individuals. This opens up opportunities for a comprehensive assessment of cases and the proposal of the most optimal and efficient solutions, in each specific dispute.

Our Services

  • Analysis of the prospects for filing a claim on personal and business defamation defense, elaboration of a strategy.

  • Representation of clients in trials involving personal and business defamation, as well as parallel, related proceedings in Russia and in foreign jurisdictions.

  • Representation of clients within the framework of out-of-court dispute-settlement procedures, including the pretrial complaint, during negotiations and formalization of their results.

  • Preparation of legal opinions on the personal and business defamation defense.

  • Criminal and administrative support of disputes relating to personal and business defamation.

Highlights of recent domestic and international work

A prominent Russian-British businessman

in a dispute involving personal defamation. It arose in connection with the publication of an article defaming a Client, in one of the largest and most-authoritative opposition newspapers in Russia. As a result of an effective defense strategy, developed with the involvement of a recognized linguistic expert, we were able to obtain a positive court decision, according to which the defamatory article was deleted and an official refutation was published.

A prominent entrepreneur

in a pretrial complaint, negotiation and settlement of a dispute with an international non-profit broadcasting organization, funded by the US Congress, in connection with the publication of an article about a client committing serious crimes. In cooperation with British lawyers, we accompanied negotiations with leading foreign-media outlets that reprinted inaccurate and defamatory information.

A well-known foreign businessman, co-owner of a major fishing holding

in connection with the systematic spreading of information, discrediting his honor, dignity and business reputation by the Russian media and Internet resources, as well as revealing his personal data, including through the distribution of videos on YouTube.

The world's largest supplier of nuclear fuel

in a lawsuit, on business reputation protection, in connection with the false information, spread by a foreign competitor in Russian and foreign media, and other resources about the quality of manufactured products and the risks of an environmental disaster when using the client's products.

An engineering company

in a complex trial, defending the company's business reputation, in connection with the spreading of defamatory information, including by sending information letters with false information to government authorities. Within the framework of this dispute, ALRUD specialists dealt with a controversial issue of whether the spreading of information, by sending information letters to the authorities, is subject to legal remedies.

A German industrial giant

in the framework of pretrial complaint and negotiations, with a leading Russian Internet media organisation in connection with the publication of the false information about the company's violation of the competition legislation of the Russian Federation, falsification of evidence and involvement in other illegal activities.

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