Labor Compliance

Labor Compliance


Our Services

Development and implementation of internal policies.

  • Allocation of international domestic policies within internal policies in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation.
  • Development of internal policies aimed at establishing compliance rules and regulations for the client's employees, as well as imposing responsibility for their violation (rules for communication with third parties, the media, compliance with anti-corruption standards, etc.).
  • Development of codes of business conduct and policies to prevent harassment in the workplace.

Conducting legal auditing of the company's activities and verifying the company's paperwork.

  • Conducting a personnel audit, which includes checking personnel policies, procedures, and paperwork implemented by the client, in order to identify and minimize the risks of non-compliance with legislation and claims from both regulatory authorities and employees.
  • Performing a preliminary legal analysis of topical issues in the company's activities, assessing possible risks, and developing solutions to minimize them.

Conducting training sessions and setting up a monitoring and reporting system.

  • Conducting training sessions on labor compliance issues to raise awareness among clients' employees.
  • Conducting training for the client's employees on responding to violations of compliance standards and rules and regulations for investigating violations.
  • Development, implementation, and subsequently maintenance of a highly responsive monitoring and reporting system so that employees can report violations of company policies, compliance procedures (hotline, online platform).
  • Training a clients' employees to handle inspections by the State Labor Inspectorate, with checklists developed before inspection, as well as training on following the basic rights and obligations of the company during the inspection.

Highlights of recent domestic and international work

One of the largest international creators and manufacturers of entertainment brands

on the adaptation of global policies and procedures by Russian divisions, the hiring and transferring of the top management of a Russian company and administrative personnel, as well as designing a relationship link so that employees of the various business divisions of the group of companies could maintain mutual relations.

Conducted an audit of the personnel documentation maintained by the subsidiaries of an international corporation, the owner of large clothing store chains, as well as assisting in eliminating violations of labor legislation revealed during the personnel audit.

Conducted an audit focussing on labor issues, and advised on structuring the transfer of personnel, optimizing personnel costs, as part of the transaction for the acquisition of several mobile operators by the client.

Conducted a legal audit of the world's largest HR agency for a major American manufacturer of cosmetics, personal hygiene products, and medical equipment.

Checked the incentive program developed for a major Russian oil-producing company.

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