Legal support on mobilization issues

Legal support on mobilization issues


On 21 September 2022, Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 647 “On the declaration of partial mobilization in the Russian Federation” was published.

Business is facing a new challenge which has raised many questions about legal regulation that has turned out to have many nuances and pitfalls. Every day state authorities issue new clarifications which require timely monitoring, correct interpretation and knowledge of how to correctly apply them in practice. We promptly monitor all changes and warn our clients of possible risks.

ALRUD team has extensive experience in advising on mobilization issues. We have already helped dozens of clients and are ready to support you promptly with any mobilization related issues.

Our Services

Labor law issues

  • Development of a step-by-step plan of action for employers and employees in connection with the partial mobilization.

  • Drafting of a memo on the employees’ duties during the period of partial mobilization, assisting in building communications with employees and preparing answers to questions regarding further activities in the context of a partial mobilization.

  • Advice on the issues of having employees and employers conform to various types of liability in the event of non-compliance with current legal requirements.

  • Advice on the process of booking employees figuring on the reserve lists, assisting in building communications with military commissariats and territorial booking commissions and preparing documentation required for booking.

  • Advice on the issue of interaction with local administrative bodies and preparation of responses to incoming requests.

  • Advice on the issue of interaction with remote workers and workers on business trips in the event of a conscription summons. Preparation of notices for employees.

  • Advice on the call to military service of persons with multiple citizenships and persons residing outside the Russian Federation.

  • Formalization of the process of suspending an employee from work duties during the period of medical examinations and military training.

Criminal law, risk assessment and compliance issues

  • Advice on the liability of employers vis-à-vis avoidance of military service.

  • Employer risk assessment in the case of rendering legally significant decisions with regard to employees, including relocation issues, approval of leave and remote work for employees.

  • Comprehensive risk assessment for management and business owners related to changes in Russian operating activity formats (MBO, sale of ongoing concerns, liquidation, etc.).

Legal GR

  • Official communication with public authorities (response to communications received) including participation in negotiations/discussions;

  • Drafting of legal communication strategies (which public authorities to apply to, specific aims of communications, content of communications and their legal basis), communication risk analysis;

  • Search for legal communication channels aimed at resolving contradictions between existing and new regulations (advocate’s requests, official queries, liaising to obtain non-binding internal opinions of public authorities);

  • Legal communication with public authorities to mitigate risks of the abuse of power by certain public authorities (claims, requests for assistance, informing public authorities).

Recent projects. Advised

A Russian company dealing in the field of payment and financial services

on the issues of partial mobilization. It took one day for ALRUD experts to launch a hotline for client employees regarding mobilization issues.

An international mobile operator

on the issues of partial mobilization, relocation of employees, and transfer of some employees to an IT subsidiary.

An international agro-industrial complex

on exemption of employees from military service.

The largest Russian private charitable foundation

on the preparation of internal training for the company employees on mobilization issues.

An American manufacturing company

on bringing employees and employers to different types of responsibility in case of non-compliance with the law.

An American pharmaceutical company

on exemption of employees from military service during the partial mobilization.

A global manufacturer of industrial paints

on the issues of partial mobilization, responsibility for non-compliance with the laws, and exemption of employees from military service.

An international IT-company

on the new requirements for IT accreditation, and exemption of employees from military service.

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